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"There's static in the attic."

KG6HAF and KI6DUP at Arecibo Radio Telescope, Puerto Rico

KG6HAF and KI6DUP with new backyard EME setup [1]

Click here to download manuals for the Kenwood TS-520S family of products.

I have also written a simple command-line NCDXF HF Beacon tracking program . It's freeware for those throwbacks like me that spend more time at a console than on a GUI. Enjoy.

In May 2005 I finished a Parallel Port CW keying interface for my Elecraft K2 and N3FJP's contesting software.

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Ward and I these days I look more like the picture on the right than the one on the left. (Or, in your case, since you are not seeing the stylesheet, the second picture of me and not the first!)

After listening to me call CQ on CW many, many times, my lovely, supportive, XYL tells me the "words" to a CW CQ are:

     "I'm a lo-ser, are you one too?" (dah-dit-dah-dit dah-dah-dit-dah)

This has sort of destroyed the whole CQ process for me, but I persevere! In October 2002 I passed the Extra and also, I am now FISTS member #9407. (My wife likes to say "When you've made a fist, you've made a friend..." Humph!)

KG6HAF is in my home office in Felton, California. Felton is near Santa Cruz, and Santa Cruz is on the California coast, about 56 miles (90 km) South of San Francisco. The county is Santa Cruz, the Maidenhead grid identifier is CM87xb.

I had been running a TS-520S station from June of 2002 to October 2003, and that was what led me to collect and scan the manuals for these fine old rigs and put them on this site. (That page continues to be very popular, drawing over 200 visitors and over 100 downloads of the various PDFs a week.) However, in September 2003 I finished building an Elecraft K2 so I am starting to move from 1979 technology to 2005. (The K2 is great because it has all the simplicity of the Kenwood, but with modern components and a PIC chip running the show.)

In September 2002, I put up a Radio Works Carolina Windom LP Short-80 at about 35 feet (10.7 meters). I know True Hams(tm) build their wire antennas, and indeed, in June I started with a 40 meter dipole I built myself, but sometimes it sure is nice to pay the money and get everything together in one box so I can, instead, spend many happy hours trying to shoot fishing line high into trees! (I should note that I believe very little of Radio Works' windy narrative for this antenna, I chose it because A) it fit, and B) I could hide an off-center feed point from my neighboors.) I am pleased to say it has made it through one of our brutal California winters OK :-) and seems on-track to do the same this year. (I write this on October 26, 2003 and it is going into the 90 degree F area today -- nuts!)

I had been using a rectangular base Nye Speed-X straight key I bought on eBay, but I recently built a LogiKit CMOS-4 Keyer from Idiom press and then bought a set of Palm mini-paddles and mounted them to a metal mint box filled with pennies. The Palm paddles have a nice feel, but they seemed too small for this newbie to the "imabic thang" so I've put them aside for now and bought a beautiful set of TP-1 Kent Paddles which are better than I deserve, but are a joy to use and make even my many mistakes sound better! Last Winter I bought a single lever Kent on eBay too and have been using that, since when I get nervous in a QSO the single lever seems easier to slap around. (I bet a lot of you only do iambic squeezing for "CQ" anyway!)

On this site is Kenwood 520 info, including how to tune it, and various manuals. Also, my web-based Station Log which is a rewrite of phpHamLog. This software is GPL, so if you'd like to get the source of my version, you can read about and download it here. I also have written a short history of how I came to be doing this.

-- Ward

1. Okay, maybe that is really us in November 2006 at the largest single-dish radio-telescope in the world.

This site was rolled out 27 Nov 2006. I write the HTML by hand out of a sense of masochism and to learn the tricks and hacks, but right now this probably looks terrible on a level 4 browser or on Microsoft and Netscape browsers the screwed up implementing the CSS spec -- like say IE 5.5 on the PC that can't render my grey page subject boxes ("there's static in the attic" on this page) and didn't get the box model even close to correct. You don't think Bill would do that ON PURPOSE to get IE lock-in, do you? No of course not.

My regular home page is here. There is also a Willats Home Page here that has some Willats Printing Company stuff -- a now defunct family business -- on it. My mother-in-law sells cosmetics and I figure if I link to her site some maybe Google will raise her rank! The cat is named "Miss Kitty."

Miss Kitty

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